Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Does a Cure For Acne Exist?

Treatment methods have been around for hundreds of years, and people have always been trying to find a cure for acne. Some treatments have been more effective than others, and now with the advent of technology and medicine, more possibilities in treating acne have arisen.

A common question that an acne sufferer must answer, is whether or not they want to try and cure their acne by natural remedies, creams, or through laser therapy. Indeed, laser therapy is advisable for those who have acne that is unmanageable, but just how effective are natural remedies and those creams that we see on TV that supposedly do wonderful and miraculous things?

The answer is, most so called 'acne cure creams', do little to actually get rid of acne. Whilst cleaning ones face and applying moisturizer is important for getting rid of excess dirt and filth that can lead to further acne, cleaning oneself too much or applying too many skin-care cream can actually create a reverse effect by over irritating the skin. It's important to do everything in moderation. Whilst creams and the like do offer some minimal relief of acne, don't rely on them too much.

A common thing that people overlook are some of the natural remedies that are available for treating acne. A number of naturally growing plants and herbs can offer great relief for acne, and have been used by acne sufferers for hundreds of years.

Newer isn't necessarily better, and with acne treatment companies trying to make as much money as possible by advertising products that are a 'cure for acne', a lot of natural remedies are being overshadowed. Just because an acne product is advertised every day on TV, doesn't necessarily mean it works. Look into some of the natural remedies that nature has to offer you, you may be quite surprised how effective some of them are.

If your acne is so severe that your entire face is clothed in pimples, then you may consider booking an appointment with a dermatologist and looking at some more advanced treatment methods. Laser light therapy is an excellent treatment option for those who are serious about getting rid of their acne once and for all.

There are many other treatment options out there, much too many to list here. Face peeling masks, medication, special moisturizers, the list is endless. Finding a treatment method that suits you may be difficult, but the most important thing to remember is not to over treat yourself. Whatever treatment method you decide to use, make sure to use it in moderation, and clean your face regularly, but not excessively. Twice a day is normally enough.

There is no single cure for acne, but there are a lot of treatments out there that will help you alleviate the annoying outbreaks. Find which treatment work best for you, and use it appropriately.

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