Monday, February 9, 2009

5 Things That Do Harm To Our Skin

Most people start taking care of their skins when the signs of aging are already prominent. All skin conscious people need to understand that aging is no more reversible after a certain period. Sooner you begin thinking about your skin the better.

People often complain about premature aging. This is a real problem of the day. Even youngsters have started reporting skin problems and aging of late. It clearly indicates the staggering expansion of premature aging.

It is needless to mention that people should be careful well in advance to stop aging – natural or premature. Among all the things that help you prevent aging, protecting your skin from harmful elements is of paramount importance.

Let us discuss five factors that do a lot of harm to our skins. The objective is: once we are aware of the detrimental factors, we can better understand how to protect ourselves. A well protected skin not only evades premature aging, but delays natural aging too.

Five detrimental factors for skin:

1) Ultraviolet Rays:

Exposure to UV radiation not only leads to wrinkles, sun burn and aging, but increases the chances of skin cancer too. Individuals can be exposed to ultraviolet ray in different ways. While sun is the prime source of ultraviolet ray, some commercial appliances involve ultraviolet radiation too.

Not going out in the direct sunlight partly prevents sun damage. You need to apply some basic sun protection techniques. Sunscreen lotions and sun protection creams may be helpful to avoid sun damage due to UV radiation. You can visit online drugstores or your community store for suitable facial products and sunscreen.

2) Harmful Cleaners:

Almost everybody uses face wash, soaps, shampoo and other cleaners. What people do not know is that some of the ingredients of these products are not good for skin. Some soaps and shampoos may turn harsh to our skin based on the constituents used by the manufacturer. Most chemical based products are harsh to skin.

Soaps and cleansers which are too much alkaline in nature are harmful. Products that contain sodium sulfates and their analogs are often reported as rough for skin. On the contrary, baby products and glycerin-based moisturizing soaps and shampoos better suit our skin.

3) Chloride ion content and temperature of water:

Household water suppliers often use chlorine as disinfectant. Excessive chlorine in water may damage skins and lead to wrinkles, skin rashes and permanent discoloration through chemical reaction. The rate of chemical reaction is reported to increase with temperature. Hence, excessive hot baths, though refreshing, may be harmful for your skin. It is better to use warm water in bath tub, not hot water.

4) Excessive use of Makeup products:

Both makeup products and makeup removals contain ingredients which are harsh to skin. When a limited use of such products does not do any bad, excessive use over a long period is not at all good for health of your skin. Eye area is very much sensitive to excessive use of makeup. Puffiness around eyes and wrinkles in the eye area are the results of makeup overdoing.

5) Wrong skincare products:

You should be very careful while selecting your facial skin care. When natural skin care products are quiet soft, chemical-based products are harsher. It is good to consult dermatologist to know your skin type before purchasing your skincare products.

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