Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Truth About Acne

Acne is actually an inflammatory skin disease that causes pimples primarily on the face. They cause embarrassment and are stressful in both teenagers and adults.

This article addresses some of the issues that most acne sufferers want to know:
- Find out the causes of acne
- Discover how easy it is to rid yourself of the acne blues
- Find out what it takes to keep acne breakouts away

Some of the causes of acne come from poor diet, incorrect usage of beauty products and poor quality skin care products that do nothing more than aggravate your acne.

If you wear foundation and don’t use products to properly remove it on a daily basis at night before you go to sleep, you will aggravate your acne symptoms and cause more pimples to appear.

Using improper or poor quality skin care products will also make your acne worse and result in skin that is pocked and pimpled, and a complexion that is embarrassing.

Diet is another factor in the cause of acne, and stress will also cause acne. Beautiful skin comes from a steady, good supply of nutrients, oxygen and removal of metabolic wastes. If any of these are lacking due to stressful conditions or poor eating habits, acne will only get worse.

Getting rid of acne can happen from both the outside in but it is more lasting if it comes from the inside out. Diet is often overlooked in favor of topical ointments that only address the symptoms. Some examples of things that you can add to your diet which will help eliminate acne include organic green tea which contains an anti-inflammatory chemical called catechins. It combats free radicals, reduces fine lines and works to lessen breakouts.

Olive oil is also a good acne reducer with monosaturated fats like olive and sesame oil. It contains fatty acids which also are an integral part of nourishing the skin and giving it that inner glow.

Walnuts and berries can also help.
Walnuts are rich in omega-3 oils which are a powerful antixoident that helps with skin plumpness and flexibility. Blueberries, cranberries and other berries are rich in phytochemicals that protect skin cells.
Lemon juice and watermelon are natural acne fighters.

Lemon juice will bleach the skin and fade sunspots and freckles. Watermelon is believed to be good if you rub the watermelon rind on your face. It is said that this will give you a clear complexion because the pulp of the fruit is a good exfoliant which will get rid of dead skin cells.

Keeping acne at bay is not as hard as you might think. Some simple additions to your diet will make all the difference. Add water, rosewater and vitamin E and you will begin to see a lessening of acne breakouts.

Water is great for keeping your skin hydrated and it also aids in sloughing off the dead skin cells that build up. You will want to add as much water as you can stand to your diet. Drink enough so that you aren’t hungry or thirsty. The average person should drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, something few people ever achieve. Hydration is an important part at lessening acne symptoms.

Vitamin E will also help, but you don’t eat it. You apply it to your acne scar and the results will amaze you. Just put it on and leave it on and watch what happens. It’s not instantaneous, but it does work quite well.

Eating right is extremely important to the lessening and elimination of acne. Healthy fruits and vegetables should be the first thing you add to your diet. Drink lots of water to remain hydrated and wash your face with good skin cleansers that are designed to work with your skin type.

Now that you know what acne is, what causes it and how to get rid of it, you will want to change your eating habits and lifestyle to gain the best results. Acne doesn’t have to ruin your day, embarrass you or upset your life. It is very simple to control if you are willing to make some minor changes in your living habits and buying choices. Just start today to put some of these simple measures into practice.

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