Thursday, January 22, 2009


Acne is a nasty little problem that millions of people face every single day. However, many people who are trying with all of their might to fight acne have to also deal with myths surrounding the skin condition. Dealing with myths can greatly hinder your fight against acne. While acne is not a serious or deadly skin condition, it is a condition that can ruin a persons self esteem or even their quality of life.

We will discuss the five most common myths about acne, putting to rest some of the tales that you might have heard and giving you the clear path to finally having and loving clear skin. Here are the top 5 myths about acne :

1. Only Teens Get Acne
There could be nothing further from the truth than this myth. While teens generally get more acne during their puberty years, they are not the only age group that gets acne. Many people especially women have acne from puberty on through adulthood and even into their elderly years. Acne is not bias to a specific age. In fact, though many teens will suffer from some degree of acne, some people do not see any acne at all until they hit their adult years.

2. Dirt Causes Acne
Dirt does not cause acne. Even dirty skin does not cause acne, however it should be said that healthy skin comes from proper hygiene. Even if you rolled in dirt, you are not going to get acne simply by having dirt on your skin. In fact, those who wash their face too often could cause some irritation, which then makes the skin more susceptible to the chance of infection.

3. Acne Can Be Caused By Stress
Stress is not a direct cause of acne. However, stress can and will worsen acne on the skin. Therefore, it is really important, particularly if you already have acne that you find ways to reduce the stress in your life, control it, and manage it to help in improving your skin and health overall.

4. A Poor Diet of Fatty Foods Will Cause Acne
We are sure that you have heard that a poor diet will cause or hurt acne. However, the real truth is that there is no scientific evidence that directly links any particular foods to the cause of acne. Acne has a wide range of causes, pinpointing just one cause is impossible. Therefore, it is important to watch and understand your own skin. If after eating some foods your skin has a negative reaction, then it is generally a good idea to choose to avoid it. However, remember things such as what you drink or sugar, fried foods, candy, or chocolate do not cause acne.

5. Acne Is Contagious
This is a huge myth. Acne is not contagious in any way, shape, or form. It is a bacterium, which is found in most contagious elements, but the bacteria sits tucked away in the skin and hair follicles. Therefore, it is impossible to transmit acne from one person to another by contact, either kissing or touching. Therefore, even if someone has acne, you can kiss and touch them without any fear.

There you have the top five myths about acne that are still in existence today. Learning the real truth about acne is the best defense you have in fighting, prevention, and treatment.

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