Thursday, April 16, 2009

What is AHA? What are the Natural Sources of AHA?

Alpha-hydroxy acids are present in most, if not all, anti-aging skin care products commercially manufactured today. But little do many of us know that alpha hydroxy acids are naturally found in lactic acid (in milk) and other fruit extracts. AHAs are carboxylic acids which include lactic acid from sour milk, glycolic acid from sugar cane, and citric acid from citrus fruits.
AHA: Natural Skin Care Exfoliation

What AHA does is make skin look younger by stripping away dead skin cells through exfoliation and moisturizing the skin to make it supple and smooth. AHAs are also been proven effective for skin treatment of acne.

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  1. Most anti aging skin care products contain AHA so I conclude that AHA really makes skin looks younger. baby eczema